ondering if transcripts would be a sound business investment? Below, we share seven top benefits of using transcription in academic research to help you decide.

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1. You can visually scan the research and avoid endless fast-forwards/rewinds.

I’ll be the first to say that I despise online videos and podcasts that don’t offer corresponding transcripts. I’m a speed reader… and I try (in vain) to work online playback media the same way.

What a nightmare.

Skipping back and forth in audio playback guarantees I’ll miss something vital. And I often find that I waste more time trying to skip through what I find extraneous than if I’d just listened to it all the way through.

Then begrudgingly… defeatedI end up picking up at the same audio point where I started, so I can fully understand the discussion.

benefits of transcription in academic research - defeated person

Sound familiar?

I was afraid of that.

Fortunately, you can avoid this unfortunate situation by using research transcription services.

2. You can easily pinpoint important patterns and distinctions in your research.