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Available Transcription Styles

CLEAN VERBATIM is a very light editing style removing verbal stumbles that would make a transcript hard to read, but without ever altering the speaker’s intended meaning.

This light editing is included FREE, as standard, with every order. Other transcription styles carry an additional charge.

The passage below is transcribed in each of our four common transcription styles. Click the style name to view the passage transcribed in that particular style.

Well, okay, uh, so basically wh-what had h-happened with the phone call between me and, um, me and all the guys at work was, um, uh, uh, my boss said that everybody needed to meet before the luncheon so she could make sure we were all, like, uh, dressed–I don’t know–“appropriately,” or whatever … what-whatever that means. But, like, when we got to the room–you know, the conference room that we were supposed to meet at–she, she wasn’t even there.