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Transcription Rates & Pricing

We transcribe all major research & academic audio/video file types transferable over the Internet.

This includes MP3/MP4, WAV, DIVx, MPEG, MOV, MPEG, etc.
To check other A/V file types, please contact us, or simply Start a Quote.
(We don’t transcribe from handwritten letters or other printed media.)

Due to COVID-19, we no longer accept files requiring physical handling or postal mail delivery.

2 Transcription Tiers Available:

We believe you should know your investment “to the penny” prior to ordering.

So transcription rates below are PER HOUR OF RECORDED MEDIA, not per hour of our work.


  • 99.5%+ accuracy guarantee
  • 2nd business day delivery
  • Audio ENHANCED for highest accuracy
  • 2-3 tiers of editing
  • ★ Lower rates for academia & under-served.


  • 98%+ accuracy guarantee
  • 5th business day delivery
  • Audio transcribed as provided
  • 1 tier of editing
  • ★ Lower rates for academia & under-served.

EVERY Expect Perfection Order Includes:

Click below for more details.

Students, faculty, Historically Underutilized Businesses, and the under-served community members most impacted by the U.S. wealth gap (AfAm, Latinx, Native Am) receive discounted rates.

And as of August 2020, this also includes “ally” companies, who may not fit into these groups, but whose work benefits these groups.

We timestamp one unintelligible passage per page (if any), so you’re able to find them quickly in your document.

Although 2nd-business-day or 5th-business-day delivery is standard with the transcription tier you choose, we deliver on your schedule.

If you need your documents in another timeframe, just tell us in the special instructions when placing your order. We’ll make it happen (and let you know in your initial quote if it will cause extra charges).

Get time-stamping to the audio counter, time-coding to the video counter, customize our transcription templates, or use your own.

We flex to your needs. And you’ll always see in advance — on the itemized invoice — when options you choose will change transcription pricing.

Difference Between Service Tiers:

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These executive-level transcripts undergo 2-3 levels of editing passes, and are fully ready for publication in magazines, on websites, in theses or dissertations, etc. Guaranteed industry-leading 99.5% minimum accuracy.

Unlike with other companies, you won’t pay extra for slight-to-moderate audio problems in this tier.

Actually, in those cases, FREE basic audio correction is also included (on the back end) when needed, to empower our team to produce the most accurate documents possible.

Includes expedited 2nd-business-day delivery.

These high-accuracy transcripts undergo a single editing pass, and guarantee the industry-standard accuracy rate of 98%, at minimum.

Suitable for clients intending to use these documents internally or in less formal mediums, such as for video post-production, research assimilation, or on blogs.

Includes 5th-business-day delivery.

Why are transcription rates per audio minute?

We offer transcription rates per minute so that you (and we)
are able to fully calculate your investment before you ever order.

Transparency in pricing is important to potential clients.

If we offered transcript pricing per page, per word, or even per line, it would be literally impossible to understand your project investment beforehand.

But by doing it this way, whether you have 90 minutes or 10 hours of audio or video per project, you’re able to budget for it by breaking down your chosen rate tier by the minute.

Optional Add-On Services

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Transcription Pricing F.A.Q.

What is time-coding and who uses it?2020-09-09T23:16:14-04:00

Time-coding is for VIDEO files. We’ll add three HH:MM:SS time codes per page, at the start, middle, and end of the left side of your transcription document. These time stamps correspond with the time counter visible on the video screen while the video is playing.

Note: Onscreen video time codes can be different than the time stamps on the audio player.

Video production companies use time-coding often in post-production. Time-coded transcripts let them easily identify when an interviewee has stumbled for instance, so they can easily cut that “take” or scene from the video.

If you need a different number of time codes, or need them at different points than is standard, just tell us in the special instructions when placing your order.

What is time-stamping and who uses it?2020-09-09T23:09:26-04:00

With time-stamping, we’ll add three HH:MM:SS time stamps per page, at the start, middle, and end of the left side of your transcription document. The time stamps correspond with the time counter visible on the audio player.

One reason clients might choose this option is if they plan to pull audio quotes for use in other media, e.g., on websites or in presentations. Time stamps make the exact audio location easy to find, as opposed to constant rewinding and fast-forwarding.

If you need a different number of time stamps, or need them at different points than is standard, just tell us in the special instructions when placing your order.

Will you fill out a 1099 form before we order?2020-09-09T22:38:49-04:00

Yes. In fact, we already have an updated, completed 1099 that we can provide at your request. Just ask Montana for a copy.

How much of a discount will I receive?2020-09-09T22:08:03-04:00

This depends on your project. Please know also that only one discounted rate can generally be applied per project. (Ex: A student discount and other special cannot be mixed.)

Can you transcribe PDF and handwritten documents?2020-09-09T22:06:56-04:00

Absolutely. Just share/send/upload your written document after sending your project details. (Options to submit media/documents will appear once the form is submitted.)

Can you transcribe audio/video from my CD/DVD?2020-09-09T22:06:55-04:00

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re no longer accepting media via snail mail. The best option is to extract the files to your computer and share them with us digitally.

Can you transcribe my media if I send you my tape recorder?2020-09-09T22:06:55-04:00