Transcription Rates & Pricing

We transcribe all major research & academic audio/video file types transferable over the Internet.

This includes MP3/MP4, WAV, DIVx, MPEG, MOV, MPEG, etc.
To check other A/V file types, please contact us, or simply Start a Quote.
(We don’t transcribe from handwritten letters or other printed media.)

Due to COVID-19, we no longer accept files requiring physical handling or postal mail delivery.

2 Transcription Tiers Available:

We believe you should know your investment “to the penny” prior to ordering.

So transcription rates below are PER HOUR OF RECORDED MEDIA, not per hour of our work.


  • 99.5%+ accuracy guarantee
  • 2nd business day delivery
  • Audio ENHANCED for highest accuracy
  • 2-3 tiers of editing
  • ★ Lower rates for academia & under-served.


  • 98%+ accuracy guarantee
  • 5th business day delivery
  • Audio transcribed as provided
  • 1 tier of editing
  • ★ Lower rates for academia & under-served.

EVERY Expect Perfection Order Includes:

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Students, faculty, Historically Underutilized Businesses, and the under-served community members most impacted by the U.S. wealth gap (AfAm, Latinx, Native Am) receive discounted rates.

And as of August 2020, this also includes “ally” companies, who may not fit into these groups, but whose work benefits these groups.

We timestamp one unintelligible passage per page (if any), so you’re able to find them quickly in your document.

Although 2nd-business-day or 5th-business-day delivery is standard with the transcription tier you choose, we deliver on your schedule.

If you need your documents in another timeframe, just tell us in the special instructions when placing your ord