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I’ve never been anything but happy with your service. I have a 20-year career in journalism, in 3 different countries… and yours has been consistently the best service I’ve ever used.
Andrew Shaw, Editor in Chief

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Fast Online Transcription Service

While it can be argued that “life is like a box of chocolates,”
documents from professional transcription services
should be consistent, quality, and carefully produced.

It’s an annoying time drain to spend hours editing transcripts
you’ve outsourced to professionals. Yet,
since few transcription services make concrete accuracy promises,
you’re often left to do just that.


Expect Perfection boldly guarantees the accuracy of your transcripts.

Our “Draft Transcription” and “Budget Transcription”
industry standard accuracy of 95 to 98%.

Our Premium Transcripts offer 99.5%+ accuracy,
well above the industry standard.

For the cost of either option,
please see our transcription rates.

Truly Professional Transcription Services Don’t Offer Messy Work

Why pay for transcripts that still need tons of 11th-hour editing?

Our fast, professional transcripts, typing, and editing services feature industry-leading accuracy, pristine formatting, and flawless presentation.

When you want the best, “Expect Perfection.”

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