About Us


ey there, I’m H.T. Major, proud Founder and President of this family-owned company. I am not Olivia Pope, and I am not having, have not considered having, nor have I ever had, any tryst with any president, sitting or otherwise. (More on that in the FAQ below.)

I established Expect Perfection in 2009.
Back then, we were the first North Carolina-based transcription service to guarantee accuracy. And we were the first company anywhere to thoroughly outline exactly how our accuracy guarantee protected you and what you could expect, and to produce transcripts far above the industry standard of, then, a lowly 95% to 98%.

Now, after ten years of providing professional, high-accuracy transcripts to universities and companies large and small, we’ve refined our focus to be–yet again–the first and only Research and Academic Transcription company online.

Numerous transcription services have popped up since our launch in 2010.

Most have disintegrated just as quickly.

Funny enough, many of them–and even companies existing before us–began to see the value in offering their own “accuracy guarantees.” Now, nearly every company has one.

And that’s okay. They definitely should.

In addition to being High-Accuracy Research and Academic Transcription Specialists, Expect Perfection is proud to still exist as the only company…

Because if we don’t care for our own, then who will?

F.A.Q. About Expect Perfection: