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Welcome. We’ve been teleworking since our inception in 2010,
and have remained registered in and based out of Raleigh, NC.

We are fully prepared and in operation during the Coronavirus pandemic.
But for the safety of our global community, due to COVID-19
we no longer accept deliveries of physical media for transcription.

Thanks for your understanding.

For other inquiries, please check our F.A.Q. below, and call or email us.
Our cheery Client Satisfaction Specialist, Montana, or our fastidious Founder, H.T.,
will reply within a few business hours.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    My media is highly confidential. Do you keep it after transcript delivery?2020-09-09T22:07:35-04:00

    No. To protect the confidentiality of your research, we destroy/delete all client files seven (7) days after transcript delivery.

    How are my transcripts delivered?2020-09-09T22:07:35-04:00

    Files are usually transmitted by email, or by upload to our secure admin area, at your choice.** 

    For both Budget and Premium Level projects that contain multiple transcripts, documents will be delivered to you in small batches on a staggered basis when possible, and as soon as a small group is available. This delivery staggering, if available, may allow you to receive many of your fully editable transcripts ASAP, before your scheduled delivery date and time. 

    In most cases, however (i.e., for projects under a few hours), transcripts are delivered all at once, on or before your scheduled delivery date and time.

    **Please note, when you choose secure upload, you won’t be able to retrieve your files later if you lose them. When you choose email, you may be able to retrieve them from your personal email server.

    My computer crashed! Can you resend my transcripts?2020-09-09T22:07:34-04:00

    We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… probably not! Because we destroy files 7 days after delivery, we aren’t able to help with this.

    But if you use an online mail client (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), and your files were delivered by email, you might be in luck. Just search your archived email box (or ask your system administrator to search your mail server) for incoming emails from that have attachments.

    How much of a discount will I receive?2020-09-09T22:08:03-04:00

    This depends on your project. Please know also that only one discounted rate can generally be applied per project. (Ex: A student discount and other special cannot be mixed.)

    Can you transcribe PDF and handwritten documents?2020-09-09T22:06:56-04:00

    Absolutely. Just share/send/upload your written document after sending your project details. (Options to submit media/documents will appear once the form is submitted.)

    Can you transcribe audio/video from my CD/DVD?2020-09-09T22:06:55-04:00

    Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re no longer accepting media via snail mail. The best option is to extract the files to your computer and share them with us digitally.

    Can you transcribe my media if I send you my tape recorder?