Dearest Expect Perfection Clients:

This letter details our new pricing structure, including how it may (or may not) affect you. In March 2014, you may have noticed a rate increase. This was a necessary move to continue providing exemplary-quality transcripts across the board, transcripts protected by our industry-leading accuracy guarantee.


The two most notable benefits added to your audio/video transcription projects include:

1. FASTER DELIVERY of Standard and Technical transcripts (standard 3rd-day delivery, instead of 5-day). I understand that speed is one of the most important things you expect from your transcription company. It was time for an upgrade!

(Included delivery speed is 5 business days for Draft transcripts, but these can still also of course be delivered as urgently as you require.)

2. FREE AUDIO CLEAN-UP, processing, & enhancement (basic level) to clarify speech, normalize audio levels, etc. of mildly- to moderately-difficult audio. This service enables us to keep your transcript accuracy at its highest.

(Intensive audio enhancement for more challenging audio files is still available at additional charge. All enhanced audio files are distributed only internally, to transcribers and editors.)

3. SAME COMPETITIVE RATES: As a VIP, receive credits of up to $50 per audio hour off the listed transcription rates at Expect Perfection.


As an existing valued client, I wanted to make sure you’re always “grandfathered in,” to make any rate change affect you as little as possible. It’s frustrating when a preferred vendor changes rates with no recourse for loyal clients. With the above concessions and delivery options, I hope to ensure that members of your organization don’t feel that sting of frustration.

Let me know if there’s anything else we can do to improve your experience, please. I take your commentary to heart. Please also drop us a line with any and all questions you may have about the above changes. Thanks for sticking with us.

With Gratitude,

H.T. Major, Founder