Founded in 2009 by H.T. Major, Expect Perfection was the first Raleigh-based transcription service to firmly and specifically guarantee accuracy—and far beyond the industry standard of ~95%.

Boldly blazing business trails since 1998, our founder, with Expect Perfection, continues to offer nothing less than an excellent experience for each and every client. That promise is realized through:

  • polished, professional quality and accuracy that’s second-to-none;
  • personable, attentive, friendly service that truly does SERVE your unique needs; and
  • giving back to our local community, with a focus on Triangle-area youth and underutilized local businesses, to level the playing field and help our community grow.

“Quality begins on the inside, then works its way out.”
-Bob Moawad


How could an organization produce quality work
without having a “quality” mindset?

Quality people are made up of good and noble characteristics—morals and values—that are inevitably projected outwardly. If we may therefore modify a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt to speak specifically to company values, it would read:

“No matter how ordinary an organization may seem,
if truth and honesty are written into its ‘code,’ it will be quality.”

And that’s how we live and work: the 2 Corinthians 4:2 way.

A Word from One of Our Clients

The transcripts were perfect. Thanks for a great job. I must confess that I tried a couple other services and their timeliness, finished work and quality of service was no way near the level and quality that I received from you. Keep up the excellent work.
R. Saunders, Calaloo Productions

How We Take Care of You

  • Friendly, personable people: There’s nothing worse than having to fight with the uncaring, curt ogres that seem to work for many companies these days. But you’re a human being. And important. Remembering that, we strive always to treat you with the care you deserve.
  • Emergency after-hours help: 24/7, because disasters don’t only happen during business hours.
  • Flexible, attentive support: We make a concerted effort to ensure that your experience here goes smoothly, with efficiency and a minimum of fanfare. Got suggestions for changes or updates that would help make your life with us easier? We’re always just an email away.

Expect Perfection seeks to exude genuine veracity in all of our actions, treating both our clients and our team with the utmost transparency, authenticity, and respect. It’s not about showmanship. It’s not about loud voices. It’s not about being domineering, unyielding, pretentious, or flashy.

Thus, it’s not about being “corporate,” in the stereotypical sense of the word.

It is about giving this our all, building trust, and as a result, cultivating some (hopefully) very long-term relationships with you, our clients, partners, and colleagues. We don’t have to necessarily be “friends,” but there does have to be a certain level of mutual respect in order for those relationships to be a success.

And so, the only way that we can ever hope to achieve these things is to be supremely accurate in the work that we output, completely trustworthy in all the words that we give, and wholly authenticin each of our interactions with you; in short, treating you with all the value you deserve.