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Transcription Companies Should Get it Right the First Time

While it can be argued that “life is like a box of chocolates” … the documents you receive from professional transcription services shouldn’t follow suit.

As you may unfortunately know, it’s an aggravating time drain to spend hours re-editing transcripts you’ve outsourced to professionals. Yet, it’s also an unfortunate fact that, since few audio/video transcription services make concrete promises about accuracy, you’re left to do just that.  Apparently, many transcription services deem it too big a risk to actually guarantee their work product.

In the rare instances when transcription companies do mention tangible numbers, they’re only in the range of 95 to 97%, allowing oodles of room for error and ambiguity in your transcripts.

Oh my.


Messy Rush Jobs from “Professional” Transcription Services Are Inexcusable.

Why pay for professional services and still have to do tons of 11th-hour clean-up jobs on your transcripts?  Right — you shouldn’t.  While Expect Perfection accepts that a 95 to 97% lack of accuracy is the (unfortunate) “industry” standard, it’s certainly not our standard, because by its very definition…

A value becomes a “standard” when it is easily achievable enough for the “average” Jane or Joe to uphold.

Average? We don’t do easy average, we do excellence — exclusively.

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