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Transcript Services: Getting Top Quality at Reasonable Rates

We know: transcript services make life convenient and easy. When you have audio, video, or text that needs typing, it saves a TON of time and frustration to have professionals do it for you. Did you know that transcription services charge higher rates for certain work? Below are six things transcript services charge premiums for, along with measures YOU can take to keep transcription costs reasonable and ensure the highest quality documents. Transcript Services Charge Premiums for: 1) Unreasonable Background Noise There's little more costly than expecting transcription companies to work miracles on audio that sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel, a moving 18-wheeler, or smack dab in the midst of a gaggle of squealing, banging toddlers walking seven barking mastiffs. Granted, it's not always possible to produce recordings captured in perfect, sanctuary-like silence—but it's important to try to create as ideal a recording environment as possible. This helps ensure the most accurate, sensible transcripts possible, and lower transcription rates. Fast Fix: Transcript services can't charge premiums for interference that isn't there. Coerce your participants to move pets, babies, rowdy colleagues, and nagging spouses to alternate (but distant) locations during your meeting. If that's impossible, courteously—but firmly—ask when (not "if") you can call back when background noise is reduced. Once they realize you simply can't (or won't) proceed without a certain measure of quiet, they'll typically respect your request and make it happen. 2) Mutterers and Whisperers "Pssst! Shrubba wishes plazzle foo? Wentaba max flannigan wentexxle pharb!" Eh? While the above may be "colorful," it is also, unfortunately, completely nonsensical. You might be surprised to learn that transcript services often receive similarly unintelligible media, due to [...]

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2014 Rate Changes Explained: Faster Delivery, Even Higher Accuracy!

Dearest Expect Perfection Clients: This letter details our new pricing structure, including how it may (or may not) affect you. In March 2014, you may have noticed a rate increase. This was a necessary move to continue providing exemplary-quality transcripts across the board, transcripts protected by our industry-leading accuracy guarantee. NEW PERKS FOR EXISTING CLIENTS The two most notable benefits added to your audio/video transcription projects include: 1. FASTER DELIVERY of Standard and Technical transcripts (standard 3-day delivery, instead of 5-day). I understand that speed is one of the most important things you expect from your transcription company. It was time for an upgrade! (Included delivery speed is 5 business days for Draft transcripts, but these can still also of course be delivered as urgently as you require.) 2. FREE AUDIO CLEAN-UP, processing, & enhancement (basic level) to clarify speech, normalize audio levels, etc. of mildly- to moderately-difficult audio. This service enables us to keep your transcript accuracy at its highest. (Intensive audio enhancement for more challenging audio files is still available at additional charge. All enhanced audio files are distributed only internally, to transcribers and editors.) 3. SAME COMPETITIVE RATES: As a VIP, receive credits of up to $50 per audio hour off the listed transcription rates at YOU ARE APPRECIATED :) As an existing valued client, I wanted to make sure you're always "grandfathered in," to make any rate change affect you as little as possible. It's frustrating when a preferred vendor changes rates with no recourse for loyal clients. With the above concessions and delivery options, I hope to ensure that members of your organization don't feel that sting of frustration. Let me know if there's anything else we can do [...]

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